Tel Aviv – Practical Information


Country: Israel
City’s Population: 433k
Currency: New Shekel (₪ – ILS)
Banknotes: ₪20, ₪50, ₪100, ₪200
Coins: ₪ .10, ₪ .50, ₪1, ₪2, ₪5, ₪10
Language: Hebrew and Arabic but English is widely spoken
Basic words in Hebrew: Shalom (Hi), Toda (Thank you), Lehitra’ot (Goodbye).
Basic words in Arabic: Salam(Hi), Shokran (Thank you), Wadaeaan (Goodbye).
Religion: Jewish (75%), Muslim (17%), Christian (2%).
Time Zone: 2 hours ahead of UK and Portugal (UTC +2h during Winter Time and UTC +3h during Summer Time)

About the city

Tel Aviv was establish by the Jews in the 19th Century as a suburb of Jaffa, on the south, which was inhabited since 7500 BC. During the British Mandate, Tel Aviv started to grow as an economical center and quickly became an urban center. After WW II lots of Jewish came to Tel Aviv and after the UN resolution they found the Israel State on May 14th 1948. After 1y and half the government moved to Jerusalem but Israel continued as the economical center. In 2003 was designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When visit

The colder season is between December and March with the average temperature near 20ºC during the day and 10ºC during the night. In April and November the average temperature is near 25ºC and the rest of the year (May to October) during the day is between 30 and 35ºC and during the night 20 to 28ºC. The water temperature between November and May is near 18/22ºC and in June starts to warm to 28ºC in August and September but be careful about the fish bites at the beach.

Where to stay

If you want to stay nearby the beach you must book a hotel near the beach coast (Retsif Herbert Samuel street) but if you prefer to feel the vibe of the city the best city’s hotel are near the Rothschild Boulevard. You can also choose to book in the old city of Jaffa

Average price of a 3 star hotel is around 600ILS (150€), a 5 star is 1300ILS (330€), the Airbnb starts at 275ILS (70€) and a dorm in a hostel is around 100ILS (25€).


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